Hi, I’m Amogh, and this is The Examined Life, a mindfulness newsletter designed to help you create a calmer mind, a lighter heart, and a happier life.

It’s for anyone who's suffered

  • Anyone who finds it hard to feel worthy

  • Forgive their mother (in law)

  • Stay off the phone

  • Control one’s temper

  • Let go of stress-eating

  • Frequently feels anxious…

If that sounds like you then you’re just like me :)

The Examined Life is dedicated to our emotional and spiritual well-being

Everything I write is based on readings and application of consciousness research (mostly from the work of Dr David R Hawkins–a clinical psychiatrist turned consciousness researcher and spiritual teacher. He was the author of life-changing books like Power Vs Force, Healing and Recovery, and Letting Go).

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The community

My aim is to help you and me let go of negativity using compassionate tools and insights to examine our hearts and lives. It’s not just about beliefs or facts, it’s about living the experience of letting go.

I share what I learn, what works, and where I failed.

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Update (April 2021): I'm changing the frequency to once a month :)

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