To become happier, try two simple exercises

Don't overthink it; it just takes a few minutes of your day.

Exercise 1 - “Three good things”

Do you keep a little notebook and pencil by the side of your bed? It’s not a bad idea, I’ll explain why:

In the morning, or at the end of the day before you go to bed, try this:

First jot those down. Write a few lines—as little or as much as you'd like—without editing much. Let your thoughts flow conversationally.

Now, for each good thing - take a moment to get into it a little deeper.

+ What did you like about it?

Why did it happen to you?

What could you do to make more of it happen in your life?

It’s easy to think of a pleasant memory from the day and then move on. But to dwell on it and commit it to paper makes you think of your relationship to it. It lets you reconnect to it, if you will.

Done repeatedly, this exercise will encourage you to be proactive in choosing and seeking the positive, rather than simply being at the mercy of events.

Given enough time, you’ll start seeing more of those show up in your life.

So, try this for a couple of weeks in a stretch, and share the results :)

Exercise 2 Become a friendly person.

We all know at least one person like that - just pure friendly, easygoing, willing to listen.

Maybe sometimes you find yourself in a situation and think, what would that person do?

So, back to the exercise.

Don't overthink it. Just find someone to help.

Figure out who could use what you can give - not your money, of course, just your attention, your time, your advice, or something else.

  • Call up an old friend or relative. Ask him or her if there's anything you can do - and mean it.

  • Find some thing to care about - maybe a small potted plant that you water every day.

  • A little dog you can take for walks? I know, this may not be possible given the circumstances.

  • Maybe you could just text or email someone you feel inexplicably warm towards - again.

You’ll be surprised at how often you start thinking of people and mentally dictating an appreciative note. The problem is we never get down to sending it.

Becoming happier is also about not shutting out those positive feelings, but actually sharing them.

The point is to give selflessly without any desire for gain or return

Try this for a couple of weeks. Let me know how it goes. :)

To your happiness,